Clean Air in Northeast Ohio and Beyond

The technology exists to clean up motor vehicle emissions. Most of the adverse health impacts from exposure to vehicle emissions can be prevented. In fact, it is estimated that the health care cost savings would vastly exceed the costs to clean up our air.

Remember that the best solution is within each and every one of us.  Do your part to reduce air pollution and conserve fuel by turning off the key to prevent unnecessary engine idling.  Together we can dramatically improve the quality of life in Northeast Ohio!

Resources for Your Campaign

Here is everything necessary for running a successful idle reduction campaign in your community or municipality: signs, bumper stickers, window decals, brochures, and more. All resources are free to use and adapt.

**note - many of these materials reference Cleveland's idle reduction ordinance. If you want to highlight your city's ordinance and are not able to adapt the materials, please contact us and we will customize your materials.

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411 on Idle Reduction & Advertisements

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Existing Laws

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PowerPoint Presentation

   •  12-slide General Overview on the Idle Reduction Issue

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Background Diesel & Air Quality Information

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Funding Opportunities



Idle Reduction Videos